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Fuga-shock Eco



 Product for professional use
– abide by any standards and national regulations
– store and use at a temperature above +5 °C. Protect from frost
– rinse thoroughly all surfaces treated
– do not leave cans or bottles open, even during use
wear protective gloves and goggles
– leaving the product to act for more than 5 minutes may result in physical and colour alterations in the grout


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Stain Free

Easy To Maintain

Designer Tiles

Made In India

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Additional Information

Eco‑friendly cleaner, ready to use, for removing residues and streaks of epoxy resins ideal for use in Green building.

Fuga‑Shock Eco has a specific cleaning action that removes residue and streaking from ceramic tile, vitrified tile and glass mosaic surfaces.

Grouped Product Short NameFuga-shock Eco
Pack1 (l) bottle
  • Suitable for use with compact and porous materials
  • High efficiency
Coverage Area (sq. ft)≈ 0,1 – 0,3 ℓ/m2