Acacia-E Vortex

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Acacia-E Vortex BTW Toilet + Seat & Cover

Name Acacia-E Vortex
Referral Code No. CL3229B-6DACTCB
Dimensions  (length, Width, Height) 552x381x390mm
Product Type Back to Wall
Style Modern
Brand Name American Standard
Colour White
Shape U-Shape
Flush Rate 3/4.5L
Flush Type Dual Flush
Flushing System Double Vortex
Trapway Type Fully Skirted
Trapway P-Trap

Features & Technologies

  1. SLOW-CLOSING SEAT & COVER :- Gentle and quiet closing action.
  2. SKIRTED DESIGN :- Premium design allows for quick and easy exterior cleaning.
  3. SLOW-CLOSING SEAT & COVER :- Gentle and quiet closing action.
  4. AQUA CERAMIC :- Super hydrophilic technology prevents dirt and dark ring stains from sticking to ceramic surface.
  5. COMFORTCLEAN :- Effectively inhibits the growth of E.coli bacteria according to tests done with IMSL.
  6. POWER RIM :- Water channel design engineered with rimless technology for a powerful performance clean.
  7. COMFORT CURVE SEAT :- An ergonomic fit that comfortably contours to the body.
  8. DUAL FLUSH :- Choice between a half flush and a full flush for liquids or solids while still offering superior flushing performance.


























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