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Choosing parking tiles is as crucial as selecting tiles for any other part of your residential or commercial space. The parking space is the first thing people see and experience when they enter your house or a business premise – all the more reason to choose the perfect tiles for the parking area!

Parking tiles are specially designed to be durable to endure the weight and pressure of heavy vehicles and anti-skid to prevent vehicles from skidding. These tiles can be installed in areas like parking lots, garages, driveways, etc., and can last for years to come, if you choose the right ones and maintain them properly. The tiles for parking areas come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, colours, and designs to fulfil the functional requirements effectively. 

But, apart from the utility value, parking tiles are also meant to enhance the aesthetics of your space. After all, that’s the impression people would carry about you and your lifestyle before they enter your house or office!

So, let’s discuss the two popular types of parking tiles viz. digital and plain, and understand which of these tiles make an idyllic choice for your parking area. 

Digital Tiles

Digital tiles have garnered immense popularity in recent years due to their excellent aesthetic appeal and versatility. These are heavy-duty vitrified tiles that are typically made by moulding top-quality materials like white clay and silica at high temperatures and are later subjected to cutting-edge digital printing technology. Digital printing renders beautiful designs, striking hues, and arresting patterns to these tiles, allowing more variety for buyers to explore.

Here are a few striking advantages of digital tiles that can help you decide if they make a good choice for your parking space.

  • They can make your exterior look attractive and render a dramatic touch to the otherwise drab space.
  • They come in a wide range of hues, patterns, and designs to spoil you for choices!
  • They can be used to create visible markings or signage to help people manoeuvre and park their vehicles effortlessly in the available space.
  • These tiles tend to last longer and exude lasting shine with little maintenance and care. 
  • They make a good choice for open and airy parking areas.
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Plain Tiles

Plain tiles have been one of the most obvious choices for parking spaces for a long time. These tiles are quintessentially made using durable materials such as ceramic, porcelain, or concrete and are designed to withstand heavy footfall and the movement and weight of vehicles. Apart from the parking areas, these tiles are also preferred in the outdoor spaces of residential or commercial properties for various reasons as given below.

  • These tiles are less prone to chipping and cracking and can last long.
  • Their surface texture is rougher as compared to digital tiles.
  • They offer better traction, thereby reducing the risk of slipping and skidding especially when the surface is wet.
  • They make a good choice for constricted parking and other outdoor spaces.

The only major challenge with these tiles is their maintenance as they easily carry dirt and tire marks. So, the best solution to combat this challenge is opting for darker shades and cleaning the parking tiles regularly to help them look good in the long run.

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The bottom line

As discussed above, we can infer that both digital and plain tiles have their unique attributes. You may choose either of these options by taking into account your available parking space and unique preferences. 

If you are still confused about making the right choice, you may get in touch with the team at  Aman Trading Company to seek expert guidance on selecting the right tiles for your space as per the overall decor, available space, your choice, and budget.

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