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Acacia Evolution


Features & Technologies

  1. WATER-SAVING :- Water-saving for ecological and economical sense.
  2. SLOW-CLOSING SEAT & COVER :-  Gentle and quiet closing action.
  3. QUICK-DETACH SEAT COVER :- The design of the seat cover allows it to be easily detached for convenient cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.
  4. DUAL NOZZLES :-  Equipped with dedicated front and rear cleansing nozzles.
  5. MASSAGE :-  The spray alternates between strong and mild sprays, creating a massaging effect that indulges the user.
  6. INSTANT HEATING SYSTEM :- Instant heating system offers instant and constant warm water for comfort.
  7. HEATED SEAT :- Temperature can be easily adjusted for comfort.
  8. DEODORIZER :- The deodorizer is activated as soon as the user is seated.
  9. DRYER :- Temperature can be easily adjusted for comfort. Computer-memorized settings allow one to keep the same settings as the previous user’s.
  10. REMOTE CONTROL :- All bidet functions can be easily operated via a handy remote control.
  11. ONE-TOUCH POWER SAVER :- Under the power saving mode, water heating and seat heating functions will stop, while cleansing and flushing will still operate. Machine will resume to original settings after 8 hours.
  12. CIRCUIT BREAKER :- Power supply will automatically be cut off under unusual situations, helping to conserve energy.
  13. POWER SAVING :- Minimizes unnecessary power consumption when shower toilet is not in use.
  14. ONE-TOUCH CLEANSING :- Suitable for both elderly and children, one-touch cleansing activates the posterior/feminine cleansing & dryer functions consecutively at a touch of a button.
  15. AUTO FLUSH :- Identifies the type of flush based on the time spent on the shower toilet.
  16. NOZZLE SHUTTER :- A nozzle shutter prevents waste materials from getting to the nozzle tips, thus ensuring better hygiene.
  17. AUTO SEAT & COVER :- A sensor detects your presence, and automatically opens (and closes) the lid.
  18. POSTERIOR CLEANSING :- Offers a strong, direct spray for a thorough cleanse.
  19. FEMININE AIR BUBBLE SOFT CLEANSING :- A gentle flow of warm aerated water provides a soothing shower that is gentle enough for a woman’s delicate areas.



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Additional Information

Acacia Evolution Shower Toilet 305mm (with Auto Seat and Cover)

NameAcacia Evolution
Model No. CEAS5006-0000424C0
Dimensions  (length, Width, Height)649x415x550mm
Brand NameAmerican Standard
Flush Rate3.5/5L
Flush TypeDual Flush
Trapway TypeFully Skirted